About us

We believe that the best essentials are not just produced, but carefully crafted: Perplex is a luxury streetwear brand based in Germany, established in 2021 by three passionate young fashion students. They share the vision of making the brand the next leading luxury streetwear name in the market.

The idea behind the name Perplex stems from the word "perplex," meaning to be surprised or astonished. This fits perfectly, as our collections are made of carefully selected fabrics that may seem simple at first glance, but surprise with extremely high quality and attention to detail.

With our minimalist style, we place a great emphasis on the quality and sustainability of our collections. All pieces are made from high-quality materials, feature unique cuts, and are enhanced with subtle details that set them apart from others.

To continue our success into the future, Perplex embodies creativity and luxury, yet remains practical and easy to mix and match for everyday wear.